Чёрная пятница за вашу красату!!

Многофункциональный Запираемый Косметический Организатор для Ювелирных Изделий Кисточки для макияжа за 2 245,75 руб.
3 layers design of this product creates larger capacity, which can carry more make up tools and save more room area.
Its high quality handle is made of plastic steel, connecting the make up case firmly.
Ergonomic design of the handle makes it more portable and more smooth.
Thicker hinges ensures superb ability of anti-pressure, which means this product is more durable.
High quality aluminium corner protectors have the capacity of bearing certain stress, preventing the corner of this product from damage during crash. It also protects your skin from being hurt by its sharp corner.
Reinforced holder is made of aluminium alloy, lighter and firmer.
It contains metal lock for security, safer and more stable.
5шт Стеклянные пилочки для ногтей за 123,60 руб.
50ml Mini-Sprayer Atomiser за 103,17 руб.
Профессиональный макияж 4 Цвет Фонд лица за 309,92 руб.
Rouge Губная помада 12 цветов за 427,60 руб.

Модная бижутерия
Fashion Rhinestone Crystal Necklace Earring Set за 345,19 руб.
Red Water Drop Rhinestone Necklace Earrings за 266,67 руб.
Rhinestone Crystal Pearl Necklace Earrings за 163,37 руб.
Zircon Pendant Necklace & Stud Earrings & Ring за 224,13 руб.

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